• We can provide production of components, machine parts and weldments according to your specification. Thanks to our long-term operation in mechanical engineering industry we use a wide portfolio of manufacturers which offer capacity for a wide range of technologies. In case you require a technology which is not applied by our partners, we will endeavour to quickly find a new appropriate supplier.
  • In case of repeated production we offer manufacture of a safety quantity to be stored at our facilities.
  • If you consider outsourcing of some production to territories with lower manufacturing costs, we will help you find an appropriate partner or establish a company and start-up operation of your own plant in the Czech Republic.



  • We address the manufacturer able to make the concerned product at the highest technical and quality level based on your documentation. Then we submit our quotation to you. We arrange for fabrication of the test piece and/or directly your order fulfilment.
  • If required by the customer, it is updated by us on the production process from time to time, in particular in cases where the product is an outcome of several subsupplies or production operations.
  • We take an active part in both quantity and quality inspection of the products before they are packaged and prepared for shipment to the customer.
  • The customer is notified about the way and date of transport approx. three days before the shipment.
  • We monitor the delivery progress compared with the delivery date and ask for a feedback from the customer regarding its satisfaction with the products supplied.



  • We build on long-term experience accumulated at manufacturing companies.
  • Our knowledge of the mechanical engineering environment and actual free capacities of manufacturing companies in the Czech Republic make us an useful partner of machinery and equipment producers in West Europe.
  • We try to maximize our supervision of the production at the plants of each of our partners so that we have an actual overview of the order execution progress as well as of the technologies applied and their future technical development. Our staff responsible for communication with our suppliers are deployed at our partners’ plants for the majority of their working hours.
  • The Czech Republic has been renowned for its engineering industry. Due to a long tradition and big participation of engineering  on the country industrial potential it offers a significant production capacities in European context. The technical expertise of employees in the Czech Republic is generally regarded to be at a very high level. Last but not least, the Czech Republic still ranks among the countries with relatively low costs.



  • All drawings, documents and information provided to us by the customer or partner are regarded by us as confidential and intellectual property of the provider.
  • We are aware of the fact that the inquiry, drawings and other documentation, if any, do not constitute any obligation to enter into business relation or transaction.
  • The meeting of delivery dates and quality parameters is an indispensable standard of our work. Our knowledge of the specifics of mechanical engineering industry in the Czech Republic is deemed by us to be our core competence.
  • The customer’s satisfaction is always our highest priority and of higher importance to us than an immediate profit.
  • We aim to build a long-term relation rooted in mutual confidence and open approach. We always prefer personal communication with our customers and partners and try to provide accurate, full and concrete information.
  • The customers as well as the business partners can expect our professional, fair and nice approach at any circumstances.
  • At any circumstances we act in accordance with the laws of the country where our business partner or customer is located. Our staff are obliged to behave fairly and in accordance with moral and cultural principles generally accepted in the area where they stay.